Savannah River Street


River Street was used as a trading port in the 1700s and 1800s, it sits below naturally made fort, which safeguard the city from any attacks from the sea.

Warehouses once line up on the trading port and were used to store cottons and other trade goods. The workers, worked under extreme and dangerous conditions died in the hundreds. Death were caused by extreme heat, crushed by heavy loads, and drowned from falling off the docks.

Many were killed early on in the constructions of warehouses and homes along the river.

People have reported of seeing ghostly figures of men dressed in old style clothings. Along with seeing workers quietly working before they vanish into thin air.

The houses along River Street were also used to house slaves that were brought in from Africa. We can’t imagine the pain and torture that went on in those houses and the negative energy it left behind.


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